Rings of Paris

On the next European trip, Beth and Gannon Waters make this a combination work and vacation for the two of them. After some encouragement, close friends the Spears also make this a vacation trip, the location is Paris. As they … Continue reading

Summer Sundays (Aretha)

Seemingly unrelated murders, a forming terrorist cell group in Belgium, and Americans living in Brussels, are at the intersection where intrigue, deception and murder collide. Aretha becomes the unwitting protagonist.

a small warmth

A quiet murmur engulfs the crowd. The gentle music flowed as the graduates enter. And the terrorist waits. Moving from Europe, Malcolm and Aretha now live in Parker Colorado. The Monschau shoot-out, Aretha’s attack, the German police capturing Ismael, is history. But Gary, brother of Jerry Rice, aka Ishmael the Terrorist, is on the trail of Aretha.

Patience in Wonder Meadow

Patience and her dog Daisy visit her favorite mall one dreary Saturday afternoon as her mother admonishes Patience not to be with strangers. Little did Patience realize that Daisy will lead her inside the Mall’s waterfall, into an unknown land of cowboys, talking squirrels, singers, and an explosive game!

Fair Oaks

These are my growing-up stories from the early 60’s, reflecting a life-style that probably doesn’t exist anymore. After writing more than half of the stories I started to look for the old black and white pictures Dad took of us. I wanted to capture the wonderful time that my family experienced growing up in Fair Oaks.

The Arena

Two Americans, who have a successful healthcare software company, want to branch out into the European market seeking distributors in Italy and Spain. The Americans run on guts and nerve and little understanding of Europe.

Crying Body

What if a series of earthquakes simultaneously triggered a volcanic catastrophe? The infrastructure -hiways, oil lines, telephone lines- were destroyed. The president offered a referendum to determine the way toward mending the country. With all of the protective creams, clothing and diet, the western inhabitants lost their emotional compass and are managed by ZOOCOO!